PostDeko for Editors

PostDeko for Editors 8.0

AVX plug-in that lets you insert Deko graphics into an Avid editing application
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8.0.4600 (See all)

PostDeko for Editors® is an AVX plug-in that lets you insert Deko® graphics into an Avid editing application Timeline, optionally edit the graphics in PostDeko for Editors software, and render the graphics into the video.

Integrate stunning on-air graphics, using templates or from scratch, into your production workflows with Avid PostDeko for Editors software graphics design and integration plug-in for Avid NewsCutter, Avid Media Composer, and Avid Symphony. Flexible enough for broadcast and news or post production, PostDeko for Editors includes integration with NRCS systems via DekoSelect, as well as iNEWS Command rundown control.

In a fast-changing news environment, PostDeko for Editors allows graphics to remain uncommitted to the edited sequence. You can also choose to commit the templated or scratch-built graphics to the edited sequence and render them as part of the timeline. Graphics triggers are kept in sync with the NRCS story and iNEWS Command playlist, and played out from an on-air Avid Deko system.

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